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William Crozier

William (Bill) Crozier the Scottish born, Irish Artist spent his career creating art at the intersection of abstraction and landscape. He was born in Glasgow in 1930 and studied at the Glasgow School of Art. He had his first exhibit at the Carneige Institute in 1951 and after reading the work of  Sartre became interested in  Existentialism and European Culture. He traveled to Paris and aligned himself with European Art and away from the influences of American Abstract Art and the growing Pop Art Movement.


Upon his return to London he painted strong London abstracted landcapes including studies of Lambeth Hill. The work was shown with great success at the Arthur Tooth and Drian Galleries. Bill's work was always informed by his travels. This included extensive visits to Bergen-Belsen resulting in a series of strong dark Skeleton Paintings. Later on he was to absorb influences from the colors of Russian Icons many of which enhance the paintings of Cork where he moved in the 1970's.

Bill  thought art should be about where you are and how you are influenced by that place. In 2007 he was commissioned to create  two prints at a studio in Verona, Italy. The master printer asked him  what he had brought with him to use as a maquette or study for the new works. Bill said he had brought nothing with him and wandered off and discovered the Giusti Garden where he produced watercolors which become the maquettes for the plates that he drew for  Verona Garden and Labyrinth. He produced dazzling  works or art which have been acquired by collectors and museums around the world.

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